Visiting Controllers

Jordan vACC Visiting Controllers Policy

Effective Date 1st of January 2024

All Approved visitors within the Jordan vACC on VATSIM must abide by the below policy and points while being granted permission to conduct virtual ATC services within the Jordanian FIR on the VATSIM network:

General Policy:


    • All Visitors must have a minimum ATC rating of S2 with a minimum of 250 hours ( Done at Home vACC ) OR hold a permanent consolidated S3 rating.

    • Be a member of VATSIM with good standing according to the VATSIM CoC and CoR.

    • Be respectful, friendly, and courteous to all staff, vACC members, and other visitors of the Jordan vACC.

    • Must complete and pass all the necessary local training requirements i.e. (Theoretical and or Practical Exams if required – based on ATC training director review and discretion).

Approved Controllers Policy:

All approved visiting controllers must:


    • Agree to complete at least 6 hours of controlling per quarter (3 months) in order to remain active as a visiting controller within Jordan vACC .

    • Use your permanent rating while conducting ATC services in the Jordanian FIR.

    • Only log onto the approved ATC station positions which is granted by the ATC Training Director.

    • Abide by the Manual of ATC services document and conduct ATC services based on our procedures and documentation.

    • We encourage you to ask questions if you require any clarifications regarding the Amman FIR procedures.

    • Remain up to date with the information to the ATC procedures and policy by being in touch with the ATC staff.

To get started with your visiting ATC application, please review the following information carefully!

Please note: We will try and review your visiting controller application within 48 hours. However, it may take longer due to our real world commitments.


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