ATC Software

EuroScope – Standalone AFV Client Required

Designed by Gergely Csernak and currently the most popular ATC client on the network, EuroScope (ES) is customisable and designed to simulate real-life radar software. It also features an innovative display, automatic controller coordination and a built-in simulation system.

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Audio for VATSIM (AFV) Compatibility

In-built – Audio for VATSIM is already built into the client and you need only set up your microphone and speakers/headset and your client connects to Audio for VATSIM.

Standalone AFV Client Required – Audio for VATSIM has not yet been integrated into the client so the standalone Audio for VATSIM client is required. Connect to VATSIM first through your preferred ATC client and then connect to the standalone Audio for VATSIM client.

Download the Standalone AFV Client

You may download the latest official sectorfile by visiting our discord server

Note: Currently all ATC clients are only available for Windows based systems.