Training Process

Have you ever considered becoming an ATC controller on the VATSIM network?

As a controller you will ensure that all pilots flying in and out of Jordanian Airspace on the VATSIM network receive professional service to ensure the safe and orderly movement of traffic.

All trainees will undergo various theoretical and practical assessments prior to achieving their Tower Trainee (S1) rating.

If you are interested then please carefully read the following information!

  • ONLY complete this form if you are a verified resident member of the Jordan vACC on VATSIM and you wish to start your ATC training in Jordan.
  • Please ensure that you’ve read our vACC Policy available here .
  • Make yourself familiar with our Discord Server, rules and regulations.
  • If you have transferred to the Jordan vACC, please verify your transfer has been properly completed prior to completing this form.
  • Please contact the vACC staff if you have any questions either via our Discord Server by opening a ticket or via E-mail to [email protected].

ATC Enrolment

Intake 1Intake 2Intake 3Intake 4
Enrolment Date
31st January
Enrolment Date
31st January
Enrolment Date
31st July
Enrolment Date
31st October

ATC Application Status

Resident ControllerVisiting Controller

Apply below for ATC Training in the Jordan vACC